About Andreas Tapakoudes

After spending nearly a decade in the solar products industry, Andreas Tapakoudes founded QSolar Limited, headquartered in Calgary with branches in Shanghai, China and Watford, United Kingdom. Andreas Tapakoudes‘ company also has partners in the United States, Spain, Italy, and Germany. Devoted to promoting renewable energy sources and discovering new ways in which to harness the sun’s energy, Andreas Tapakoudes’ initiatives turned QSolar Limited into the solar panel manufacturer with the smallest carbon footprint. One of QSolar Limited’s most popular developments is Andreas Tapakoudes’ innovative Spraytech79.

The patented Spraytech79 eliminates the necessity of expensive laminators, used by other solar panel manufacturers, by spraying a protective, impenetrable film around the energy cell. Through Spraytech79, Andreas Tapakoudes reduces the cost of each solar panel and the time required to create one by nearly 28 minutes. This, in turn, lessens the cost of purchase and installation. An additional benefit comes from how Spraytech79 eliminates dangerous emissions during its use. Kruciwatt, another innovation from Andreas Tapakoudes’ company, involves the creation of solar wafers called “crucible cells.”

Cheaper than typical cells, the Kruciwatt method saves 50 percent more silicon than conventional methods. The panels from Tapakoudes and QSolar Limited run cooler than most other solar panels and feature a mere 1.296 wattage loss, four times less loss than the nearest competitor. Committed to customer satisfaction, Andreas Tapakoudes offers a five-year photovoltaic warranty and a 25/30 year limited power output warranty. Started by Andreas Tapakoudes in 2007, QSolar Limited has grown in the four years since its creation. Around the middle of 2008, Tapakoudes completed work on his proprietary technology to encapsulate solar cells.

In 2009, he received orders and inquiries from buyers in 20 different countries and QSolar Limited began manufacturing products. Solar panels were shipped to companies in Spain, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom. Also that year, renowned UK construction firm Ellmer Construction recognized the value of Tapakoudes’ developments and approved QSolar Limited as one of its suppliers. Andreas Tapakoudes’ most recent accomplishment with QSolar Limited occurred in March 2011 when the company went public, appearing on the Canadian National Stock Exchange with the symbol QSL.


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