Andreas Tapakoudes and QSolar: Efficiency in Manufacturing

By Andreas Tapakoudes

Under President and CEO Andreas Tapakoudes’ leadership, green energy development company QSolar has created some of the most efficient and innovative products in the industry’s history. The company made strides particularly through its manufacturing process, which eliminates much of the waste that traditional green energy companies still produce. QSolar’s photovoltaic modules, found in the Kruciwatt and Kristal lines, are developed through a highly efficient module assembly process. Photovoltaic modules are first gathered by creating a circuit of Kruciwatt solar cells that are connected with a conductive copper ribbon.

Rather than utilizing the traditional flatbed laminator, however, QSolar seals the cells through the company’s patented Spraytech79 technique, covering the cells in a durable and insulating plastic compound that protects it from various weather conditions. The Spraytech79 process is faster than the customary lamination technique as well as more cost-effective less power-intensive. The lower cost in production also allows QSolar to charge less for finished modules, making a prospective partner’s initial investment significantly lower as well.

In addition, the Spraytech79 technique does not generate any harmful greenhouse gas emissions during operation or production, making the entire manufacturing process one of the most environmentally safe of its kind. QSolar employs a quality control program for all of its production processes. The program ensures superior standards in five areas of testing: function, performance, climate, reliability, and compliance.


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